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Gamecircle leaderboards for android not working?

Hello there!

After many failed attempts at integrating a high score leaderboard for my android game, I'm beginning to think that the leaderboard system for android is broken. I followed every step in the cookbook tutorial and I'm 100% sure I did everything right:

  • Made an account with amazon developer
  • Set up a new app with them
  • Created a security profile
  • Created a gamecirlce leaderboard for the game and published it to make it go live
  • Obtained the MD5 for the keystore that I was going to use to publish the game in gamesalad
  • Obtained an API key and copy/paste it into the Amazon services section in Gamesalad's publishing dashboard
  • Published the game and created the .apk file

I then installed the .apk file onto an Android device to AdHoc test the game, but when I pressed the button that was supposed to show leaderboards....surprise surprise, nothing...nada...not even an error message. Absolutely nothing happens.

I'm completely out of options, but really want to integrate a leaderboard for my game! Am I doing something wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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