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Hello everyone,

When I demo other people's games i notice that their actors look so good. The have shaders and have a nice gradient look but my actors, for example have shirts and hair of all one color so they look like they were drawn on paintbrush or pixen. All of your actors look more professional than mine. What program do u guys use and how do u do make the pictures look so good?

Thank you


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    Hi, some people, like myself with my particular project at the moment, manipulate/amend tiles in Photoshop. These are drawn by other people; there's so much talent around and sometimes you can get relatively cheap graphics, or even free, if you research enough. Some graphic artists use Adobe Illustrator, and with use of colour gradients and filters, etc, produce professional results that way. DebugDesign (http://gamesalad.com/p/debugdesign ) springs to mind here; excellent stuff which quite a few GS users have purchased the rights to use his graphics. I'm sure he uses Photoshop as well. Joe (mapleleafgames) uses a 3D prog (not sure which one though) as well as Photoshop, at least for his latest adventure game The Secret of Grisly Manor (and the images look amazing, by the way).

    I guess the two main progs used for graphics would be Photoshop and Illustrator. Developing your game with temporary graphics, and then replacing them right at the end with purchased images, is another option. Hope that helps. :-)

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    Also a video game trick is to design the image 2x as large...import...then scale down actor 50% for 2x the sharpness.....and detail.

    I find also with GS to break down large panels of images or characters into many smaller panels. So a screen for Space Crayons...may have 4-6 actors...on a background.

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