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Capability of GameSalad

Hello Guys,
I am a desktop software developer. I didnt make software for mobile devices before. But now I have an idea for a little game which I want to make for mobile platforms. Im looking for right platform for it. I met GameSalad few days ago. its looking quite simple. But Im not sure is it suit my case.

Let me explain my idea.

  • Multiple Users will log on the game every day and do their tasks with touch somethings, and get some points which they put on the main server. So everymoment we can see the leaderboard realtime.
  • Points will be depend on users location so I need to get user geolocations from the device (GPS).
  • Points will be upload to the server so I need the networking services (web services or like that)

Here is the questions,
Is GameSalad have a network support for this operations and can I get phone locations with this platform ? Or should I need a look some different platforms ? (If so what is your advices ? )

thaks all,


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