want to make games my first time

This is my first time making games, so i thought i try this drag and drop game editor. I am not a graphics artist so can i get my just buy assets or buy from royalty free images/backgrounds, graphics, sounds, musics or get them from the public domain from creative commons use. Then once i get them how do i make a game by drag and drop the images, graphics into the game engine? can i buy templates from here? and put my own content on them?

I am interested in doing a point and click adventure game, if i buy a template how do edit the content with my own, will the template come with all the graphics and transitions of the game, and do i just reskin the bacgrounds and objects? is that what you do when you buy a template do you basicly reskin the game, the same as if you buying a game source code you reskin the game. I am a member from 'Chupamobile' and brought a game source code which was a hidden object game which i plan on changing the backgrounds, objects with my own content. Buying a template of a game on here like a point and click adventure is this the same process? reskinning?

I need to download or buy stock imaging, or get from public domain under creative commons license for my graphics, characters, backgrounds, objects and buy a game template (point and click adventure) and edit the content with my own content to make the game.

Any advice and replies would be very helpful in starting.




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    1. Read these forums
    2. When you see helpful posts, look at the signature of the poster and follow the links to hopefully learn
    3. Read the pinned threads
    4. Explore the Community Tutorials forum
    5. Go to jaime-cross.net and buy Jamie's book and you are off to the races

    I would suggest getting Jamie's book, visiting sites and getting free templates. Then as you learn, you can study the templates to see how things are done and maybe how you can do it better.
    You can create images, buy images, use 'free' images, same with sounds

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    Welcome! The answer to all of your questions is: yes.

    Here's a good place to start learning about GameSalad: http://forums.gamesalad.com/discussion/79005/new-gs-user-hope-this-makes-you-feel-welcome/p1

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    I just started learning Gamesalad too! this is a great resource for game assets: http://marketplace.gamesalad.com/

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    There are many resources available. These forums are great to answers these questions and many others you WILL have. Be sure to use the search tool properly to find previous discussions before creating new ones...some times it must be done and that's understandable. Be sure to also read the forum rules. A few to look out for...lol

    :-) in your forum thread.

    Don't ASK for anything free (templates, coding, graphics, assets and such). You generally are suppose to be providing payment....its touch and go...asking for "help" on issues you have is pretty much a go. There are already many free resources in the forums.

    Do not refer to 3rd party, paid templates for support in the forums.

    Those a re a few of the no no things.

    Things to do.

    Watch tutorials...
    Search for answers...
    Be nice...

    Here is a link to MY tutorials...there are plenty more. Mine are for the iTunes Connect Certificates, App ID's, Profiles, App Signing, GS Publishing, Apple Publishing, Beta Testing and a few others. Watch this...(I recommend) from start to finish before you start this process...do it once...and it SHOULD work flawlessly. This can be a difficult process. We've all been there.


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    @mark4games welcome to gamesalad , and my advice is , just download gamesalad look into tutorials try to understand the basic logic behind it then you can do anything you want without templates , its really friendly and easy to learn , the community is great and the templates and tutorials are available everywhere. But try to understand it first then decide if you want to buy a template cause im sure once you understand the logic you will be able to do anything you want except for few things which you can ask in the forums , wish you the best.

  • GnarlyGnarly canadaMember Posts: 840

    Just watch a few youtube tutorials....... Doesnt matter which ones at first but it will give you an idea how to navigate, import images and the basics. Even if you don't understand any of the coding yet...

    Next, a lot of your questions have been answered or have a tutorial about them. I just google "how to move an actor in gamesalad" or "how do I code for to keep score gamesalad". You will get lots direct links to discussions and videos.

    Patience and diligence and time.......you will make your game.
    Its easy to get frustrated and quit........ Like most things in life.....

    Good luck.

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    Jamie cross is amazing at explanations and showing the ropes.

    I know this video has nothing to do with what you want but its a link non the less to get over to Jamie on youtube

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