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ASB . Astro Space Battles is on App Store !!!!!

JPGamesFactoryJPGamesFactory Posts: 174Member, PRO

hello guys, this is my last game for iPad.
I hope you like it!.

Just play alone or online with no Human nobody in front of you !!!
The challenge is more fun between Humans: One in front of the Other !!

Challenge your friends in Space Battles Frantic and exciting on the same iPad and in the company !!

Choose the positions of your cannons and launched the Battle !!

3 Spaceships
9 Positions Available
7 Cannons can use including 1 with a power Destructive

You can shoot with one cannon at a Time
Cannons will overheat and you have to wait for them to cool for reuse.

Each spacecraft has available a heat shield to protect yourself from enemy fire.
The shield has a limited life and can not be used more than once.

The space ships are destroyed by enemy fire, even if you lose your ship Cannons will be lost.

The purpose of the battle is to destroy all Cannons opponent or his Ships.

There is no one with you to play ????

We thought of that ...

Challenge the CPU in 3 different modes of difficulty:

and trained to be able to beat your friends in the coming battles !!



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