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My first app on iPhone through Testflight, but it won't load. Anyone in SF Bay Area?

Paul :)Paul :) Member, PRO Posts: 15

Hi Gamesalad community,

I have finished building my first app in gamesalad, set up all my certs and provisioning profiles, app id, etc. I have uploaded my first version through itunes connect, and downloaded it on my iphone 4 and iphone 6 as a internal beta tester through Testflight itunes connect).

The icon, loading page, and an ad shows up when I open the app on the phone, but they it just shuts down and returns back to the iphone apps page. I also tried using gamesalad viewer, which also didn't work. Everything works on gamesalad preview. I used the Legacy iphone platform when building the game, so it should at least work on my iphone 4. Any inputs or ideas of why this might be would be greatly appreciated.

I am also from San Mateo, CA, if you are around the area and think you can help, I would GREATLY appreciate if we can meet up and get some advice! I would even pay you. I hope to build much more quality games to make a income from it.


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