Elemental Mastery!

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Hi all,

This is my latest project in GameSalad, 'Elemental Mastery' ( http://gamesalad.com/game/play/24698 )

You will need to beat all eight elemental 'chambers', by finding the keystones within the maze- preferably without dying- in order to become the ultimate (aforementioned) Elemental Master.

The game has two modes, easy and normal. Easy mode merely removes the shroud that otherwise obscures the screen beyond a small radius of the actor... allowing for a few seconds of extra planning before dashing headlong into a baddy.

... and if you are *really* stuck, I have added in a key combination that will grant you 1000 energy blasts, but I won't say what it is ;-)

This initial version does not contain much in the way of sound, or collectibles apart from the energy charge...

I'd love to hear some feedback... comments and constructive criticism are very welcome!

Have fun!


  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 10,389
    very nice. I like it.

    One thing I noticed when playing, I had the sound off, and I had no idea that hitting the little moving things hurt me until I died. Some sort of visual cue would be really beneficial. Once I noticed that they did hurt me, I noticed the health going down.
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Member Posts: 8,188
    That is an awesome start. You've got movement down nicely, good scrolling backgrounds, good collision detection... the list goes on!

    One thing I will say, is that if I run out of energy, it seriously hampers my progress. This is because:

    I *have* to pass through enemies as there's no way 'round' them.
    There's no way (that I can see) to restore your life bar i.e. I didn't see any health pickups

    Unless I've missed something?

    But blimey, great start! :)


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  • CobraCobra Member Posts: 160
    Great work! Love the art style... needs sound to match. ;)
  • CorellaCorella Member Posts: 37
    Many thanks for all the advice and comments!

    I have just updated with the following:

    -Added different music backgrounds
    -Player now flashes red and emits squeaky sound when colliding with a baddy
    -Fixed a few collision issues with the maze
    -Bumped up starting ammo count to 20, which will hopefully help those getting stuck a bit.

    I'm undecided on whether to add items to give extra life... I'm still trying to get a balance between too hard and too easy.
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