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I am new to this forum and since the past 2 weeks I have been exploring and working on Gamesalad and learning its basics. Now that I have enough knowledge to create a game I wanted to explore more towards the tables features that gamesalad provides, and for that it is required to purchase the feature.

To buy the pro version... I have faced an issue. Since I live in a country where there is no Paypal available and I only have a debit card through which I can pay with. I wanted to know if there is any other ways you accept payments other than Paypal, like for example Western Union, Skrill, Webmoney or any other? It would be great if I can pay directly with my debit card.


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    Table features are not pro features.

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    Oh... But when I try to click on the "boolean" of the table, i wasn't able to edit it. Can you please let me know a way through which i can use it for free if possible and I'll pay later :smile:


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    Booleans are true or false attributes.

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    As far as buying, I have not, but normally you can pay around paypal. They make it confusing, but the option is usually there

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