Nominated to be promoted on Google Play store but... sdks must be 22, back button etc... how now???

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So can the GS guys give me some help here? My current project needs to be promoted in my country's Google Playstore. This is a big deal. But unfortunately GS is a deal breaker here because of these issues. Can someone please help? @BlackCloakGS @adent42
Also I still can't upload to publishing! The request timed out! Again! For the second day!

We have reviewed the app and found a few issues that need to be resolved before it can be considered for this promotion. For this particular opportunity, please address the issues highlighted below by end of day on 2015/06/17 (Wed).

Must Resolve before Promotion Consideration:

For more info:
(items UX-N1 through N3, plus "back button navigation" link)

  • After minimizing the app during gameplay, either via Home, Recent Apps, and/or locking the device, gameplay is not paused upon returning to the game. On screens where a Pause button is selectable, the player must return to the game in the Pause menu when navigating back to the game.
  • On the top screen within the game, after locking the screen and returning to the game, the tilte screen background and UI elements become displaced. (Issue was seen on the Nexus 6. Android ver 5.1.1)

We encourage you to review the feedback and let us know if you have any questions by replying-all to this email.


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