Uploading My Finished App

I have bought gamesalad pro today and I was really happy about it. I bought the yearly subscription because it was cheaper then the monthly. Now that I have finished my game, I was looking up how to upload it to the iOS or android store. I have found out that you need to pay even more money to be able to upload and that makes me very angry. If anyone knows any loopholes or can help me out, please reply to this report.


  • ant_ladant_lad Member Posts: 222

    Both apple and google require a developer account to publish to their stores. I am not sure about other stores. I would guess that anything on android os would be done through the one google dev account.

  • bizextremebizextreme Member, PRO Posts: 111

    You will need to either get the developer accounts or find someone who has one that may do a profit share or submit for you. It would be cheaper to buy the developer account in the long run.

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