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A reversed totem to challenge the limitation of your reactions

MiloleMilole Posts: 9Member
edited June 2015 in Announce Your Game!

It finally comes the day for Woozy Totem, the most mind-twisting game, unlike any other running game, this one urges you to think more before make reactions. Woozy Totem is a simple game, you just tap on the left side of the screen to jump to the next totem stage, or tap on the right side to flip to successfully go to the next stages.

In Woozy Totem, which side you tap on depends on the width of the next stage, i.e. if the width of the stage you are on is exactly the same with the next one, you just need to tap left and directly jump to it, and otherwise you need to tap right to flip. It really makes you frustrated and puzzle, addicted as well.

Get the amazing game now:

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