Looking for an illustrator for a children's game - Paid

I'm looking for someone to make an arcade 2d claw machine (you know, these things https://goo.gl/qDuRBG).

This is for a children's game and the style i'm thinking of is simple, 2d and colorful (something like this random picture https://goo.gl/i3J6Jy).
I've made a mockup of such a machine for scale and elements that I could send anyone interested. I will need some elements in more than one version, like the claw needs to be open and closed. I don't need it to contain any prices, I just need the machine.

The machine illustration would need to have:

  • A front view (perhaps with some depth to simulate the box).
  • A claw (opened and closed)
    -Joystick (that can tilt left and right)
    -Single large button (that is either up or pressed)
  • Carnival type lights that are either off or on.
  • Perhaps a nice sign on top

Please send me a message if you're up for it, preferably along with some portfolio stuff.


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