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Goodnight Games' "Never Go Home," a Top Down 2D Space Roguelike Game

Goodnight Games C.P.O here!

Just letting you guys know we recently released our latest game.

"In our 2D game, “Never Go Home,” you are lost in the clutches of the endless void of space. The experimental starship Aeternum has suffered a critical meltdown. You must join the crew in their struggle to survive. Explore vast procedural generated galaxies, full of planets, moons, asteroids, wormholes, and black holes. Fight the minions of the unholy twilight and rescue your stranded crew from far off worlds."

Screenshot of one of your crew close to death fighting off a wave of aliens ontop of a frozen dragon

Here's a small trailer with some gameplay

Here's a Let's Play from Swordfish, who was kind enough to preview our game

Our Website
Our Facebook
Our Twitter - goodnightgames1
Our Instagram - @goodnighgames
Our Youtube

Its available for $.99 on

GooglePlay Store

Apple Store

We'd love to hear what you guys think of our game!

Feedback, suggestions, or hell, if you just want to talk let, message us, hit us, poke us, anytime and us know! :D

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