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I'm a freelance Sound Engineer, Composer and Sound Designer with 9 years experience working on a range of projects including; recording, mixing, film audio, audio / visual art and game audio.

I'm always on the look out for new and exciting projects to engage. As a Composer I cover a range of genres including; 8bit / Cinematic / Orchestral / Electronic / Hip Hop / Pop / Rock. I also have a large sample library available for projects in need of sound or sound design.



Title: 2112TD

Developer: Refinery Productions
Future sci-fi themed tower defence / real-time strategy


Title: Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe

Developer:Zombie Indie House
Side on side Castle Defence / Strategy


Title: Infinite Pixels

Developer: Somniare
Adventure / Retro / Sandbox


Title: Fighter Attitude

Developer: Kaveluza
Arcade / Fighting


Title: Regalia Alpha

Developer:Zombie Indie House
2D Platform / Arcade / Adventure


Title: Tiny Tomb Robbers

Developer: Tiny Touches
Adventure / Puzzle / Retro


Visit the Refinery Audio Production Services Website for the full list of past projects.


2# Place in the Game Yo Yo Big Win Competition[/URL] with Zombie Indie House

1# Place in the Glitchjam competition for music and sound design

3# Tizen Game Drive Competition with Zombie Indie House

Honourable mention in the Tizen App Challenge with Zombie Indie House

For references and testimonials visit: Linkedin Profile

If you are in need of sound or music for a project your working on then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I always do my best to be flexible with rates for indie projects.

My contact email is:

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