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"PopDarts" officially released to the public!(FREE)

Just finished off my very first app after about 200 hours of developing and designing.

Only available through google play store at the moment, would greatly appreciated if you left a review and or gave me some feedback! I have one person say its too easy and the other say its too hard so it would be nice to hear what others think.

cheers, Shennanigans Studio


  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,686Member

    Nice one, i will try and check it out!

  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,483Member

    @Shennanigans Studio first congratulations on your first app , I wish you the best on the downloads , I played it and to be honest i like it , its not hard and its not easy its in between , i think you made it in the difficulty that it should be , and im really amazed you put this much time and effort and managed to complete it in the end thats really great, 200 hours of developing and designing shows your commitment, congratulations on that too.
    The only thing i wished for is if you put some nice music along to give a better game play but its just my personal taste im sure that others might disagree on this point, everyone has his own taste and its not really much of a problem in this type of game. but really nice game and good luck in making more in the future.

  • stragstrag Posts: 547Member, PRO

    Well done..I know it's a hard slog to get your first app out there ;)

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