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Help me

gummyboysgummyboys Posts: 3Member

I have made a game on game salad mac version. And now i want to make it into a file for download. How would i do that exactly. Thanks in advance.


  • tiger27tiger27 Posts: 127Member

    Download onto what?

  • AppCrazyAppCrazy Posts: 7Member

    Go to the folder where it is located, then highlight everything and then pit it into a file, you then should be able to set up for download. If it did not work tell me.

  • ookami007ookami007 Posts: 581Member

    If you mean, how do you make a zip of your project to share or send to someone, then go into Finder, go to the project, click on the project and choose compress project. That will create a ZIP of the project. You can then upload that to wherever.

    If you mean, how do you make a distributable game... check out some of the many great tutorials. It's a complicated process - especially for Apple - and you need to have a developer account if you want to make it available on either store, but you can create an adhoc version for the Android without a developer account.

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