Teaching an old dog new tricks (GS user from the early days back for more)

Hello everyone,

As the title insinuates, I used GS about 4-5 years ago... Back when the newest feature everyone was excited about was the save function... I am back for more fun with GS and its amazing how much has changed.

Back when I used GS all the apple phone sizes were exactly the same and android publishing was not even an option yet.

So, this leads me to my newest thread discussion... Teaching an old do new tricks.

I am wondering what is the best way to publish an app for the apple app store to make it as universal as possible with all the different sizes of apple devices (we wont even bother with android yet).

I did do some reading before I made this post and saw a lot of suggestions saying that its best practice to design the app as big as possible first (iPad) and size everything down. Simply because images look a lot better when you shrink them versus trying to expand them to be bigger.

I followed this idea and designed an app for the iPad (just released to the app store yesterday).

My experience was as follows.

1) I designed the app for iPad within GS by telling the creator that was the platform I was going to use.

2) when I finished my app I published it using the GS creator.

3) during that process I filled out all the iOS info needed and didn't bother with android or another other info.

4) I noticed I really didn't have an option to choose if I wanted the app to be exclusively on the iPad (believe I picked overscan for the screen adjustment).

5) when I uploaded to apple and filled in all the info and submit it, first stopped me saying that I indicated that the app was for all devices, so I needed to provide screenshots for all the different sizes of apple devices 4.7, 5.5, 4, 3.5, and iPad... the apple dev site stated that I had indicated that my app was for use on all of the devices, so I needed to provide the screen shots.

6) I adjusted my images and loaded screen shots and submitted the app

7) after release of my app yesterday I downloaded it on my iPad and my iPhone 6.

8) Everything worked fine on the iPad, but I noticed that the iPhone 6 app had some pretty big issues.

9) issues included the app icon is just a white box. No image at all. and the in app screen is stretched and cuts off most of the screen.

does anyone have any input on the best process to upload to the app store and which options to choose to make a universal build for all apple devices (overscan or stretch... build game as iPad or other device etc), or is it the case now a days where I need to submit a new version for each device to get the best results due to the multiple screen sizes.

and if its the case where I have to submit multiple versions for each device, how do I tell the GS creator during the publishing process that I am only publishing for a specific device? I didn't notice anything throughout the process when I did it.

Any way, sorry about the long post and I hope someone can give me guidance as to what is the best method now for publishing quality apps. Once I figure out how to conquer the apple publishing process, I'll venture out into the world of android and their many screen sizes.

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