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My new puzzle game 'matchmania' is out

KC_GamesKC_Games Posts: 86Member, PRO
edited June 2015 in Announce Your Game!

After several months of tweaking this game, it is finally out and I am relieved
Its a match 3 game (yes I know another one :) ) . Would love any feedback, good or bad.
Thanks guys. I love gamesalad!!

App Store:


  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Posts: 8,960Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick GameSalad Employee

    Looks fun. Nice job! I like the trailer too!

  • KC_GamesKC_Games Posts: 86Member, PRO

    Thanks @Braydon_SFX . You are always so supportive in the Gamesalad community.

  • AngryBoiAngryBoi Posts: 586Member

    This game is actually really great! Just one question? why'd you put kc games after the title on the AppStore?

  • KC_GamesKC_Games Posts: 86Member, PRO

    Thanks for checking it out @BetweenTheWalls . I put my 'studio name' after just to differentiate from another game called 'Match Mania -HD.' It probably wasn't necessary on second thought and I may lose it on another update. Thanks for taking the time to download and check it out. I really appreciate it.

  • AngryBoiAngryBoi Posts: 586Member

    Ah I see now. But really the game runs great and looks wonderful!

  • KC_GamesKC_Games Posts: 86Member, PRO

    Thanks! That's great to hear :p

  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,685Member
    edited June 2015

    Very nice, great work and i also love the trailer.

  • KC_GamesKC_Games Posts: 86Member, PRO

    thanks @DeepBlueApps !

  • jay2dxjay2dx Posts: 606Member

    you've put together a very nice game here, well done...

    this mite be just me but I'm struggling to get any matches! i can't get my head around the rules :/ help???

    but as i said its very nice.. I'm trying to make a match 3 game myself, but failing so bad haha

  • KC_GamesKC_Games Posts: 86Member, PRO

    @jay2dx Thanks for checking out my game. So this was one of my worries - just getting people to understand how to play. There is a bit of a learning curve. So basically you have to match three tiles, but they have to all have the same or different attribute (color, shape or number). So 3 tiles of 1 blue dot is a match but so would the same if they were all different shapes. It is based off a game called "Set" from back in the day. I hope that helps ;) What kind of match 3 game are you making?

  • jay2dxjay2dx Posts: 606Member

    Yeah I got that but I couldn't seem to match much, will have another go though :) I'm sure it's just me being slow haha

  • KC_GamesKC_Games Posts: 86Member, PRO

    Haha, there should be matches in there @jay2dx. I have yet to be in a situation where I cannot make one ;)

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