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Youtube Video of Agar Evolutions

AppWave CoAppWave Co DeveloperPosts: 57Member

Here is a gameplay video of Agar Evolutions, created using Gamesalad. You can download the game using this link:


  • app_sauceapp_sauce Posts: 206Member, PRO

    Cool, i just checked out . Does your app have any creatures that can eat you? If not it could get boring with the threat of being eaten.

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  • AppWave CoAppWave Co Developer Posts: 57Member
    edited June 2015

    There are creatures that can eat you. As you get into the game, larger creatures start following you.

  • AngryBoiAngryBoi Posts: 586Member

    Are you one of the creators from
    Are the animals in the game agar? I don't think it corresponds to animals as much as the real game. Looks fun though! Would buy, but 1.99 is too expensive for me! Haha I'm a cheapo

  • AppWave CoAppWave Co Developer Posts: 57Member

    Price tomorrow will be decreased to 99 cents.

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