no one owns a copy of gamesalad in the world!!!

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you know this is a product you can never own, after you pay $360/ year, it starts over, so you cant buy it.

also the forum are full of young power hungry moderators. i used to make a lot of helpful selections here, but my account was frozen and the banned by these pathetic power hungry mods.


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    I know you're a troll... but did YOU know... you don't own and never have owned a single piece of software you've EVER "bought"... you actually LICENSE the software and if you read the licensing agreement, you see that you own nothing and in most cases the license can be revoked.

    GameSalad is FREE... for non-pro users and they actually give you quite alot for that. More than many of the other tools.

    Plus, lately, they've been really cranking out the updates. I don't know if they bought a new coffee maker or what, but they're pushing them out left and right.

    All in all, it's worth it if you're going to publish professional games to pay the $360 a year. And if you're going to do it as a hobby, there's actually very few limitations on the free version.

    So... troll... go back under the bridge you were living under! Leave us billy goats alone!

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    I could make an interesting comment here disagreeing with the original post.... But I won't.

    @ookami007 - well said.

    Edit: but I will say this : I think the moderators have done a fantastic job keeping the forums running. They have reasons for what they do; they don't just ban people because they want to. They aren't perfect, none of us are, but they do a dang good job. Thumbs up to the mods!

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    This is a sockpuppet account belonging to "Joshiwu" (who, it looks like, was banned for repeatedly being abusive to other users and mods).

    Nothing to see here, folks ;)

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