EmoticonFrenzy Now Free On Google Play

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Hey guys,

Let me start of by saying thank you for reading this and Thank you Gamesalad for your great program.

I have just released a new game on Google Play Store Called Emoticon Frenzy and was hoping for some good feedback also would be great if people can post there highest scores here and best of all i made it so its 100% free with no IAPS .

Link Is


Welcome to this sweet world of emoticons!
A new fun game is now available at your fingertips , Were you are pushed to the limit and tested for the fastest reflexes in town.
This Emoticon Game is simple to play but requires you to stay focused and achieve multiple tasks at the same time.
How to play Emoticon Frenzy.

Within this game there are 3 diffrent modes to test you all which have easy or hard settings the idea is simple pop the correct corresponding emoticons as fast as you can before the time limit runs out but be careful these nasty little critters like to swap places so make sure you hit the correct ones or you will loose points.

Enjoy Emoticon Frenzy and remember post your scores in the comments and will see who has mad skills.

Within this game we make good use of the following.

  • Empticons
  • Emoji


  • IceboxIcebox Member Posts: 1,484

    @limbozone I played it and i enjoyed it , the graphics and gameplay are great. The loading screen is pretty well made , i thought it wasnt made in gamesalad , you made it look perfect, good job and good luck with the downloads. :)

  • limbozonelimbozone Member, PRO Posts: 23

    thankyou mate ur words are much appreciated

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