releasing for android?

Being an android user, I download android apps announced through these GS forums. There are 2 things that get me over and over.

  1. Give us a way to remove ads.
    If you are going to pay for GS Pro, why not try to make some money over what ads will pay? I don't want to see ads; one reason is that they are distracting, another is that they get in the way. (A tip: have the game pause slightly before an ad launches and unpause slightly after the ad goes away. That way the app does not get deleted the first time the user is redirected out of the app while simply trying to play your game. Know this, or remember this- a lot of times ads are active just before they show up to the user.)

  2. Give us a way to kill sounds and have it remembered.
    Personally I play all games on mute. Similar to many my age. Don't like the music or sound choices most of the time, don't care to hear those sounds, nobody around me wants to hear those sounds. If no way to mute is provided in-game, then the game gets deleted. If I especially like the game, it will be put on my Nexus which is always muted.

If these 2 things are provided for users, you will probably make more money. I know there are apps here I would have paid for instead of deleting.
Like many other android users, I cannot figure out why devs want us to constantly change our volume settings. Literally, the ONLY answers I have gotten from devs through email are thinly veiled attempts to tell me that they know more about how I use my device than I know, and that they know more about how I use volume settings and for what, than I know, for my own device. Or the other good one- that they don't care because they make no money.

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