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app icon issue and iTunes connect (app on iPhone)

I was wondering if anyone else uses the iTunes connect app to monitor their apps when uploaded.

I ask because I seem to be having issues with my app icon.

When publishing through the GS process I have uploaded an icon with the dimensions of 512x512 and I have also tested another icon with the dimensions of 1024x1024.

Both icon sizes seem to be very fuzzy looking through the iTunes connect app (where it shows the app icon to be used). Is anyone else having this issue? I assume what I see in the iTunes connect app is what will be displayed when someone downloads my app.

What should I be doing when uploading the image for app icon.


  • phyominthuphyominthu Posts: 1Member

    It's happening for me too. I uploaded 1024x1024 on iTunes Connect website. But in the iTunes Connect app, it's blurry and pixelated.

    Removed old picture and added new one, but didn't work.

    My app is now in Review and I hope everything will be fine later.

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