BUG? Touch Press/Release is buggy when sequenced with other touches...it seems

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After hours and hours of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong...I finally figured out that there IS a bug (i think).

The problem I was having is that when I combined 2 actors together in a sequence...the touch press function were misfiring or firing simultaneously on one touch.

The sequence was...I have a weapons button. I touch press the weapon to make the weapon active which activates a separate crosshair targeting actor.

This targeting actor then waits for a touch press as well and when pressed...sets the X and Y and deducts 1 weapon.

The problem was...I wanted to use two releases in a row...but that just doesn't seem to work no matter what way I try it. Everything misfires then.

So I used touch press on the second condition...but that would not work no matter what. It just did quirky things....such as continuously loop execute or not firing everything in the rule set.

The solution for me???
All I did was added a second rule that touch must be INSIDE the target actor.

It was my understanding that rule "When actor receives TOUCH PRESSED" this assumes the press is ON the actor. I also understood that when touch INSIDE should be used for DRAG functions...such as a drag and drop or a drag over need...not to make a button function when pressed.

This second rule was needed EVEN THOUGH there is a boolean switch being fired that should instantaneously turn off the touch sensor...since in resided inside a switch wrapper. The touch basically was throwing 2 booleans...1 to start the targeting sequence and the second to shutoff/lock the touch sensor.

My 2 button actors in my example WERE NOT overlapping...yet they were firing on the same first press. I tried every combination I could think of and rebuilt the sequence at least 6 times and continuously had problems until I added the TOUCH INSIDE rule condition.

Its odd and VERY confusing to understand why the presses overlap as such and fire simultaneously...even though the finger touch WAS NOT on the second actor.

Anyway...I wanted to list this as a bug so you Gendai folks can check this out...as it does appear to be a bug.

Another note...it seems as though the touch response of an actor is slightly off center to the lower-right. In small sized actors...it seems like if you touch the center of the actor...you don't get a touch response...but if you touch slightly lower and to the right a bit...the touch sensing is better...which leads me to believe the calibration is off or something. Just another thing you all might want to test as well.

Thx for listening.


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    this is a huge post! my eyes are burning ;)
    it does sounds a bit odd , maybe you can post an image with the rules that cause this behavior?!
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    I've found a kind of similar bug too. My ship has a touch area constrained to it and a separate fire button with it's own area. Neither of them can overlap at all. I have found that sometimes when playing the game, if you remove your finger from the ship and tap the fire button, the ship jumps to where the fire button is. This shouldn't be happening as the ship's touch area is behind the ship and WELL away from the fire button. Doesn't happen all that often either... but it does happen. If you keep your finger on the ship it's fine but it's still annoying that there are issues in GS that we can't do anything about.
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