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Max Vector Merchandise!

POLYGAMePOLYGAMe Posts: 3,470Member
edited November -1 in Introductions
This is the first in a line of merchandise to blatantly promote my game. The official 150pts tee! Hope you like it!


  • gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Posts: 6,577Member, Sous Chef, PRO
    They're neat, POLYGAMe! By the way, just lurve the name Max Vector; maybe get it registered? Or is there no need, you think?

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  • POLYGAMePOLYGAMe Posts: 3,470Member
    I don't think it's worth it. Registering and patenting is only worthwhile if you have the cash to back it up and if you can prove you were there first it's really not needed ;) All I'd need to do if Apple ripped it off is tell them. They're good at removing stuff like that.
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