Wrong Color = Spikes out now on ios

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Free on ios

Here is my latest little arcade game called Wrong Color = Spikes. It is similar to the game Don't Touch The Spikes, but I added a few clever gameplay mechanics which make it unique, fun and challenging. You control a flapping dot by tapping the screen. The dot changes between 3 different colors once you touch the wall(it might also say the same color). The wall tiles are the same 3 colors. The goal is to hit the matching color wall tiles (this gives you 1 point). If you hit the wrong colored wall tile a spike will appear where you touched the wall. This spike does not initially cause a game over, but limits the number of wall tiles you have going forward (so it could come back to haunt you later on). If this doesn't sound hard enough there are also Dot Shooters and the bottom and top of the screen. They shoot 3 different colored dots. The dots bounce back and forth. If you hit a dot that is the same color, you get 2 points. If you hit the wrong color dot its game over. I have GameCenter hooked up and my best score is 22 so far. Check the game out for FREE and let me know what you think. P.S The game is hard!

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