Useful tool for upscaling your images x2 and preserving quality. Good for old games on new devices.

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Saw this posted on reddit and it's very cool. Did a quick test with it and it worked really well. You can upscale images x2 and preserve quality and sharp lines and also reduce noise if it has any. My test was an anime style image at 960 x 640 converted to 1920 x 1280 and the larger version came out perfect with no distortion of any kind.

So if you have an old game with bitmap images designed for older devices you can upscale them for the newer, hi rez devices.

Apparently it was made using machine learning and trained on 3000 anime images. So I'm guessing it won't work for real world photos. But useful for game dev!

Online tool with size restrictions:
Github project (for linux):

Edit: @BlackCloakGS As this is an open source program, maybe GS could incorporate it into the GS publishing side if enough users found that useful?

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