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Hi guys,

When I am using GameSalad and go into the preview mode, sometimes either the scene doesn't display at all, there is a little square box, or the scene does display but the control keys do not respond.

Also when going from preview mode to edit mode, GameSalad closes and gives me a HUGE crash report, it then asks me to reopen GameSalad. This happens every time that I go from preview mode to edit mode, and it is rather frustrating!

Can any of you guys please suggest anything to help stop these problems occuring?

Thank you,


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    Hi GameCre8tor: I've had exactly the same thing happening to me, including the image starting in a little square box. One possible trigger for this bug could be if you click preview when something is selected; possibly...

    Personally, I just save regularly (now!) and when it crashes, shrug, open up the file again, send the report and carry on. Not much else that can be done at the moment, I'm thinking...


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  • GameCre8torGameCre8tor Member Posts: 49
    Nothing is selected, but still I keep getting either a black screen, little box or not being able to move! Its really annoying as well as GameSalad continuously crashing! Please fix these issues in the next update!
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