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Is this a bug? Or is my GameSalad Totally Broken?

DesterDasqweDesterDasqwe Posts: 7Member

Okay so this isn't the first problem I've had before, but I was working on my game, when things started happening. First: my actor quit moving, and did absolutely nothing. second, my health was going negative, and at first my start button worked just fine, and suddenly quit. I've had 3 crashes within 5 minutes and everything is just messing up. when I first turn my computer on it works but as I start working on my game slowly stuff stops working until you basically cant do anything. It works much better on a mac than a windows computer(I don't have a mac :neutral: ) I've been using a surface pro three. I've reinstalled game salad 3 times and updated and repaired. but nothing works >:(!!! Any help would be appreciated if there is anything we can do... I think mine is broke. need help!!!


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