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Actors Stop Functioning

myke66myke66 Posts: 70Member, PRO

Anyone have an issue where actors on a scene will stop working, until you remove them and add them back?

Im working on a ball and peg type game, and I have a variable to holds how many pegs are left on the screen, by having an action on each peg to do +1 to the PegCount variable.

Randomly, the pegs will stop doing all functions, causing the PegCount to sit at 0, until I delete the actors off the scene and re-add them. (all prototypes)

I have a support ticket in but curious if anyone else has dealt with this issue before?


  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,826Member, PRO

    Are you unlocking them?

  • myke66myke66 Posts: 70Member, PRO
    edited June 2015

    No, I'm not messing with the pegs at all. And they all stop functioning at once. I have 6 different peg types, all separate actors, with more than just +1 peg count going on, and all functions stop working on them.

    The only thing linking them together is they are all under the Peg tag. I have seen instances where the tags will be removed from actors as well, but they still had the correct tag when they stopped functioning.

    And again the weird part is, simply deleting them and replacing them on to the scene will fix them. If I only removed half and re-add half, only half will work, so its something about the actors on the scene at the time something goes awry.

  • redcatsredcats Posts: 3Member

    Yeah I have had a similar issue happen a few times. When in doubt delete and drag back in. Doesn't seem to work all the time though but it sometimes can reset the behaviour issue...

  • AlchimiaStudiosAlchimiaStudios Posts: 1,038Member, PRO

    Are you on windows?

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