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So I still haven't bought an iPad; I'm waiting for the second generation (October, maybe?). You won't fool me again, Apple! (Shaking fist in the air).

But even iPadless, I've been checking out cases, bags, accessories, go-faster stripes, etc for it. Do I by the charger and keyboard together, have the iPad wobble when typing? Do I enclose it in a protective backing of some sort, then put it into a slipcase, buy a third-party stand? (example: ) Do I buy a bluetooth keyboard and put all of these in a bag? And so on and on, no different that all of us trying to decide the best (personal) way to protect/carry/use the iPad with what accessories.

Here's an interesting concept I found a link for: My heart missed a beat looking at it, til I discovered that you can't clip off the iPad side from the keyboard side, and that the keyboard isn't the Apple bluetooth one, nor can you replace the one supplied, as far as I can see.

Here's a few more sites I've looked at, if you haven't already found them:

I think I've finally decided what my particular strategy will be: separate bluetooth keyboard; a case that doubles as a stand (aka the Apple one, but better) and a bag to put them in. At the moment, this is my final decision, after visiting Brenthaven's site, where I think I'm impressed:

• Apple bluetooth keyboard • Brenthaven 5-in-1 iPad Case • Brenthaven Switch iPad Satchel

Oh, and an iPad; might as well. ;-)

So what accessories do you recommend to get, or avoid; which way have you gone with accessories, etc?


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