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Briefly, I will be sharing the development process of my current game entitled
“Plasma Shifters.” The development process will be shared through video previews and screen shots.

Honestly, the game is a mix of various genres, more specifically, adventure, puzzle, RPG, and action adventure. More details regarding the game will be reveled through monthly posts.

In light of this, I have included a video preview of the opening sequence for
“Plasma Shifters.” Additionally, I have included a few screen shots as well.

Lastly, these posts are designed to share my development process and gain valuable creative criticism from the many talented and dedicated Game Salad developers.

Truthfully, I greatly value and welcome your creative feedback. My chief goal is to continuously improve as a video game developer. With your feedback I can continue such progress. I do all of the artwork and animation myself and programming with GameSalad.

Thank you for taking the time to review my post.


Plasma Shifters Video Preview 01

Plasma Shifters Screen Shots 01

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