Putting the right sound in the right place for 10 years...

Hey Game Devs!

My name is Gina Zdanowicz. I am an Emmy-Nominated Sound Designer and Composer and founder of Serial Lab Studios. My partner Spencer and I have been provided high quality music and sound effects in many styles for over 85 game titles ranging from AAA to casual.

We grew up playing games and making music and so we pour our passion for games, music and sound into every project. You can have a look at our portfolio site for examples of our work. www.seriallab.com

Our experience with the latest in game audio engines and middleware, including Unity, cocos2D, corona labs, Unreal, FMOD and WWise help us to provide the best solution for an immersive sound scape for your game.

We specialize in:

  • seamless music loops with controlled file size
  • layered, cross-faded or hybrid interactive scores
  • foley, sound recording and editing
  • voice over casting, recording and editing
  • audio implementation

We have worked on projects of all sizes and budgets and so our pricing is indie friendly and we will work with you on a budget that fits your current projects needs.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your project or to just say hello via our Website, Facebook or Twitter.


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