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Device falling asleep during loading

FrantoFranto Posts: 779Member
edited June 2015 in Working with GS (Mac)

I never noticed this drawback for Fire TV since its not a device, but on smartphones, since the game takes 45 to 60 seconds to load, {60 the first time, and 45 if already loaded and re-loading again from the win/lose screen.

The screen will fall asleep during loading, causing the app to exit when you wake the device up{although I noticed that if falls asleep during gameplay, it will resume right where you left off, must be a new feature as it use to just restart in the older versions. :) }

I did mention something about using device.touch to keep an app awake in another thread, but this happens when the load wheel is present to load the level.

Have I made my game too big for devices? Once the level loads, the performance is decent at the current sprite size, and very smooth at 1/2 size versions of the game{even at 1/2 size, it still takes about 20 to 30 seconds to load the level}

I'm tempted to just downgrade the graphics to a smaller size or flat colros with no shading, and downsize the levels for the smartphone versions if there is no way to keep it from falling asleep aside from telling the user to keep taping the screen for 60 seconds during level load.

Here is a demo of the game you can try out, all menus removed, just straight to character select and gameplay:

Here is the same game, with graphics at half size:

EDIT: I should mention the load time is within a device. ON a computer, and in html5, it only takes 2 seconds to load the level. IN any version, going from menu to menu is instant to nearly instant.

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