Press release idea, any thoughts?

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Okey its not look like it does in wordpad but you get the idea.
And its not released yet so i will change the date and write the adress to googlePlay
@quantumsheep i Heard you are good at this stuff ;)

Deep sea: Subfighter - has dipped down for Android
A new kind of submarine-game with upgrades, missions and boss fights.

Limmared Sweden - July 1, 2015 - Available today the game Deep sea: Subfighter for Android phone and tablet owners now offers many hours of gaming for all ages.

In Deep sea: Subfighter the player can choose to play Free dive or Campaign, in both the player collect doubloons (the ingame currency) and trying to avoid different obstacles like sinkbombs and incoming missiles and also clear missions to earn even more Doubloons. The big different is that in Free dive the goal is to reach as far as possible before the sub sink and in Campaign the player have a certain distance to survive before there is a bossfight, when the boss is defeated that level is clear and the player gets a bonus and move on to the next level. There are some help on the way like the shield so the sub can endure some hits and the rare revive that can be used to continue if the sub sink.

Deep sea: Subfighter is available for free on Android market worldwide.

Please visit: for screenshots and video from the game.

Deep sea: Subfighter is developed by FreneticGamez, a indie game developer founded in 2013.
If you want more information about Deep sea: Subfighter please contact:

Email1 :
Email2 :
Twitter : @FreneticGamez

To download the game :


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