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signing and zip aligning

I clicked tools then APK signer in gamesalad, there are files for keytool and jarsigner, but what do I put in the zipalign part? please help!!


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  • tintrantintran Posts: 453Member
    edited July 2015 Accepted Answer

    I just started publishing to android Google Play and installed the needed things below in order to sign your apk.
    I did this from my windows machine just a couple of days ago.

    Step 1. Follow instructions on this page (part 1). This step takes the longest, i installed all available version of android and it took me over an hour maybe two or even longer i don't remember.
    Step 2. After you've done step 1, you're able to browse to these tools in the apk signer, paths are shown in image below

    Step 3. The first time you do this, you need to click on New to make a new .keystore file somewhere on your computer remember this location (so later on when you publish more apps you can just use the same keystore file by browsing to the .keystore file, just with a different key if you wish)
    Then enter your passwords for your .keystore
    Enter a key name for the app (make sure you key is some valid name like with no gave me some funky error when i tried with spaces so i used underscores)
    then another password for the key name (could be the same as your keystore password, that's what i did)
    fill in the rest of the information,
    then at very bottom browse to the download apk file (generated by GS website and downloaded)
    then click Sign.
    It'll ask you where you want save the signed apk file.
    I just save it as whatever my app name is with an _signed.apk
    and then I use that signed apk file to upload to Google Play.

    Hope that helps.

    Oh yeah in step 1, that page has a Part 2 (just follow the Next Page link on there it doesn't take too long to do like part 1, I did it too just to make sure nothing goes wrong but not sure if i needed to)


  • FaarisFaaris Posts: 66Member, PRO

    @tintran thank you so much!! I'll let you know if I need any help :)

  • FaarisFaaris Posts: 66Member, PRO

    @tintran hey so the first step on the second page says to find the android-sdk folder on my computer, but I cant seem to locate this folder, any advice?

  • FaarisFaaris Posts: 66Member, PRO


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