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Heavy updates for Combining by Yiyi Studios

Combining is a puzzle game which was firstly released on Feb, 13 this year, we've noticed that Yiyi Studios has just made an update for the game. But few player knew that how heavy the update was.

App description:

-ONE THING:Slide all circles to the right place to form a box and finish the level.
-For All:Every age is available
-ADVENTURE: Through 600 addictingly fun levels
-NO PRESSURE: You may play it anywhere and anytime.
-INCREASE INTELLIGENCE:Combining sharpens observation and improves cognitive skills in players.

According to an earlier note from Yiyi Studios on TouchArcade, Yiyi Studios made a big update on both platforms-iOS & Android.

The most important change was to remove all ads from the game, which means that there's no ads interruption in the game. It was highly praised in players, but also means there's no ads profit. It's decisive, i must say! Other updates included performance modifying and made the game smoother than ever before.

We appreciate everything that the developer has did for the amazing game and players. You may support the great game and get a try now!


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