Interstitial Ads: Where, When and how often?

ThoPelThoPel GermanyMember, PRO Posts: 184

Hi all,

so far I have always used iAd banner ads, so I wanted to ask:

  • Which network do you use for interstitial Ads (Ad Mob, Chartboost, Playhaven Ads, Rev Mob)?

  • Any experience regarding performance, loading speed, click through rate, money per click?

  • When would you show the interstitial Ad?
    -- Menu -> Game (e.g. start a new level)
    -- Game -> Menu (e.g. level finished, game over)
    -- Game -> Game (e.g. level 1 to level 2)

  • Would you show interstitial Ads everytime the screen changes or only every second, third, ... time? (e.g. show interstitial ad every 5 death)



  • ThoPelThoPel GermanyMember, PRO Posts: 184

    I have uploaded an app to the Apple Appstore with interstitial Ad Mob ads. They are show everytime the user retries a level. I will refresh the post when apple released the app.

  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584

    Where to place them is up to you. I removed start up adverts from all my games as I didnt want players to be greeted with an advert the second they start the game.

    Also a HUGE 'no no' is placing an advert on a close/exit button.

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  • BigDaveBigDave Member Posts: 2,239

    the services themselves suggest to put them at transition points within your game such as

    When the activity of the play comes to an end and its not interrupting a player intention(not as hard)

    I got clickers with no such events so i trigger them after upgrading something if the timer is expired

    first 2.5 minutes expired -
    once seen every
    1.2 minute

    also sometimes 30 second movie ads which would decrease the play session possible in-between if it would not be bound to the upgrade trigger

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