Steady decline in downloads

GnarlyGnarly canadaMember Posts: 840

A consistent drop in total daily downloads over 6 months.


This is all my apps combined. I don't understand the logic of it. Are new games treated differently in App Store??


  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584
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    No. think of it like this. If players don't see reviews especially, they intend not to download. Also, if a game has not been updated in a while, will also put players off.

    An old game of mine (Nov 2013 release) had dropped down to single digit numbers on Amazon after regularly being in the top 500. I refreshed the icon, updated the screen shots and gave the UI an overhaul. Downloads improved by 64% over the last 30 days since it relaunched.

    Also look at your keywords. I use Appannie (free) and check to see what apps similar to mine are using, then adjust. I paid a company to do keywords/SEO for Catch 100 Balls and it really made zero impact. So I have changed that around, and again, downloads are slowly increasing.

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  • DuesDues Member Posts: 1,159

    Im not sure as of now, (think Apple did some changes) but when you launched a new app it ended up in the new games section and therefore you got some decent chances to get your app discovered.

    The older your app gets, the further down that list it ends up, which leads to less downloads.

    This of course only apply to your app if it not makes its way into the charts

  • mhedgesmhedges Raised on VCS Member Posts: 634

    Some behaviors you may encounter during your product's life cycle:

    • If you "fire-and-forget", your app will* experience the initial download surge, then trickle down as you described, unless you created the next angry birds / flappy bird.
    • If you periodically update the app, you'll experience periodic surges, then slowly trickle down again.
    • If you create more apps, the last one will surge, and cause a reduced surge on the existing apps.
    • If you announce your apps and their updates, it will help the surges.

    You can also advertise you app or get it reviewed.

    I haven't updated my apps in a while, so downloads are down to nominal. If the real world that surrounds me cooperates, I may put out a game or two in a couple of months.

  • iamcarteziamcartez Houston, TexasMember Posts: 648

    I think something was changed as well, for the two years I've had steady downloads for my good games and about 2 months ago I experienced the sudden drop in downloads as well.... The drop was from 100s of daily downloads to 10-30 a day. -_-

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