My new Ipad app Animal Sounds! HD is #11 in US Education



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    Oh, hope I don't hijack this thread.... the offer above goes out to any other GS developer that has a success story (stories) to share and would like the eyeballs of Singaporeans.... Singapore where we just got our own iPads in store and iPhone 4s to come.

    You can be sure there will be people hunting for things to download to their shiny new iDevices. :)

    (do email me directly at
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    @Scorelessmusic, I would be honored if you featured me! :)

    Also my total sales with farm showdown is a bit over $700.00
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    Wow! No offense, but that is pleasantly surprising! That's quite a bit of money for a person your age. Aside from the iPad, any big plans?
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    Yup, I'm definitely getting an iPhone 4 sometime in august or September, and then I need a new computer- 27" iMac or 15" MacBook pro, and then the iPad as well. Aside from the $700 from my apps I also have around $2000 saved up from other things. But when I get my new computer I'm really gonna start doing some serious work with GS because my computer right now can't handle any of this anymore. I have so many ideas tho! I write all of my ideas in a notepad and draw them out before starting always, will get contact with Ian very soon for 2-3 of my upcoming projects

    I might consider upgrading to pro, but only if I make $2000 from my apps alone, then I'll be convinced that it's a good investment. I probably won't ever make $2000 from this but I can dream right? ;)

    And when I said with farm showdown I meant the 2 apps put together, not farm showdown alone.
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    artonskyblue said:
    I have so many ideas tho! I write all of my ideas in a notepad and draw them out before starting always.

    Ditto, I think this is where a lot of people go wrong with GS and the forums would be a lot less congested with the same basic questions if people didn't jump in straight away! It seems to have done you some good as well.

    You also seems to target your apps really well.

    Congrats with the sales figures. I say the same as BarkBarkCo!
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    @Bsseman, thanks so much! Also sorry about not responding, just checked my email now and saw it there. I don't really check my email often lol :D
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    They have just updated the Imacs! I am 15 so it's nice to see someone of a similar age succeeding and making money! I need an Ipad as well so I can test my apps :/

    P.S. Well done. :)
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    @PossesiveGaming, wish you the best of luck!!

    Made a combined $125 in the past 2 days so you can definitely see that sales are going down. Still a lot more than I was making before tho so I'm still happy :)
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    Ok so I just made my one thousandth dollar! Im pretty happy! I made around $700 from this app in about a week and a half. Sales are going down by alot now tho. These sales were way past my expectations anyways so its alright :)
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    EDIT: About the good money beyond expectations part, not about the sales going down part ^_^
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