Android app performance..

I have been working last few weeks with fairly simple game where you need to match colors of falling squares. I got iPhone version completed early last week and it worked silky in all devices i could test it (iPhone 5s, ipad2, iPad air). After that i started to make it ready for Android and i have been stuck because Android is much more "jerky" compared to iOS version. For example falling squares pretty much constantly lag little while falling down. I have been going through my code several times and using pretty much everything i know to optimize my code (removed all timers, made rules more logical and removed all unnecessary elements..) Game is running faster now but it is still not as smooth as iOS one is.. I have tested my game with old galaxy s2 and new LG G3.. Is android part of GS more heavy compared to iOS or what's going on?


  • trcoetzeetrcoetzee Member, PRO Posts: 1

    Having similar issues - LG G3 even complaining about the app (and Gamesalad battleship template app) draining the battery...

  • vafurlogivafurlogi Member, PRO Posts: 203

    There are a lot of weird little bugs with Android and GameSalad. I do not recommend making an app, testing it with IOS and expecting it to work the same (correctly) on Android. Depending on where in the layer structure your actor is it might not trigger rules making games buggy or plain unusable. Opening a GameSalad game for only a second will keep the device on for a long time and drain a full battery in a few hours on pretty much any device. After first trying to report bugs and complain I've come up with weird workarounds for most of the problems. There will still be random crashes sometimes and battery drainage extraordinaire.

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