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Custom Loading Image

So my app is on the android market and has a custom loading image. I know for sure the image is fine but when I play my game on a phone the custom loading image is cropped from the sides or it zooms in a bit so it cuts off the ends. My setting for the devices is on stretch. Does that have anything to do with it?


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  • Luke20wLuke20w Posts: 50Member, PRO

    You need to make the change the image to the size of the android screen. I don't know what that is but I'm sure it will be easy to figure out. Use this site to resize your image. It may be stretched a little but it is better than having it cut off. Hope this helps!

  • FaarisFaaris Posts: 66Member, PRO

    @Luke20w I mean when publishing, it said I could upload as 800x1280px, which I did. So I assume that is the android screen size which is why I am confused as to why it is cutting off

  • FaarisFaaris Posts: 66Member, PRO

    @Lovejoy ohh ok, thanks!

  • stragstrag Posts: 547Member, PRO

    Just make the custom image the same size/aspect ratio of your project within Gamesalad. It should then display as expected.

  • AdvenireSoftwareAdvenireSoftware David Russell Pennsylvania, USPosts: 4Member, PRO

    My project is having the same issue. It was a problem with my other app that I released over a year ago. Recently, my loading image still zooms but now goes black and displays white text "Loading". I am hesitant to promote my app on Amazon and Google stores because it is extremely unprofessional looking. It is hard to be viewed as a credible company when the user sees unprofessional graphics right when they open the app.

  • FaarisFaaris Posts: 66Member, PRO

    @AdvenireSoftware Yes! That is my situation exactly, very frustrating

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