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Hello World :)

ToastKittenToastKitten Posts: 360Member
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This seems like a pretty good program to be using for xCode. I first started making games way back with game maker when it wasn't bought out by YoYoGames yet. I then got a iMac and moved on from my coding experiences. I've missed it greatly and xCode... well let's just say I'm not one for sitting down and learning 1,000 different lines of code to display a single line of text :P haha. I can't wait to get my work up and running, I just have one question:

Do I have to pay $99 for the express membership AND $99 for the iPhone Developer Program?

Thanks to those who can answer, I'm excited to become a recognized member in this community.



  • peachpellenpeachpellen Posts: 977Member
    Yes, you will need to buy BOTH $99 licenses.

    However, GameSalad can be used for free to play with and make your game; you'll only need your license when you are ready to test it on an iDevice or submit it to Apple.

    Welcome to GameSalad! :D


    PS - Love the thread title!
  • debugdesigndebugdesign Posts: 886Member
    Welcome to the forum, everyone is very friendly!
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    No we're not.

    Oh, ok, we are! ;)

    Welcome ToastKitten!

    Why do I feel hungry suddenly???

    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390Member
  • iDeveloperiDeveloper Posts: 441Member
    Welcome to the forum! Yes a total of $198, but well worth it. You have the potential to make money.

    I would suggest however, use coding for non-game apps, at least that is what I am going to do.

  • reddotincreddotinc Posts: 653Member
    Welcome to the wonderful world of GS :)

    // Red Dot Inc
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