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cerasum92cerasum92 In my bedMember Posts: 2

I'm new to GS, making games and pretty much all of this... and so far I really love GameSalad. It's a lot of fun just "playing" around in it and trying out all the things I could possibly do with it.
So right now I've got a very simple little game where you control the actor to go left and right via tilting the device (on PC with A+D), collect "coins" (for now) and avoid other things.
Or at least I hope you can control the actor by tilting...

That is what I wanted to test with the GameSalad Viewer right now, but the problem is that it can't even download the game.

I tried different things:
1.) USB only - Phone can't find creator.
2.) WiFi only - Downloading Game... [2 Hours later] ... Still nothing.
3.) USB + WiFi - See 2.

I don't think it should take that long for a very simple "game" (if you could even call it that yet) to download to the phone.

My Phone is a Samsung GT-18160 and the Android-Version is 2.3.6.
I'm working on a Windows 7 PC.
Can anyone help me here? Am I just not seeing something obvious?

Also, sorry for any grammar- or spelling-mistakes. English isn't my first language but I try my best :)


  • tintrantintran Member Posts: 453

    Is your android viewer the same version as the creator.
    I have always had problems when they were different versions, it wouldn't even load it would just sit there.

  • cerasum92cerasum92 In my bedMember Posts: 2

    They are, I made sure about that :)
    Both viewer and creator are 0.13.32

  • QASaladQASalad Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 142

    Since your device can't find creator, make sure ADB is pointed to the right location under File -> Preferences in Creator. Also make sure you have the USB drivers for that device. I believe the download is at the bottom of this page:

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