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Universal app... some questions

airone747airone747 Posts: 13Member, PRO

Hi guys, I started my work with ipad portrait and I flagged on the voice "resolution independence".
I created my graphics (double size) with Illustrator and I put it in GameSalad.
When I created it (my graphics) I kept more margin on the left and on the right (like universal binary... I don't know the width of it but I tried) and in preview it goes infact if I select "Overscan" my graphics is correct on apple devices ... but I have some questions:
1. is it right? Or I must put different rules for each apple device? And if yes which?
2. is this way right also for android devices?
3. I left the room size as default, because I have a stationary game but if I insert an actor between the camera line and the finish device line, what happens? In preview it is ok but if I publish it?
Thanks for all


  • airone747airone747 Posts: 13Member, PRO

    in the question 3) sorry not "room" but camera

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,301Member

    In terms of what you see, Preview should be quite accurate. Make sure though that you are previewing at 100% size, 50% sometimes messes up resize rules and shows nonsensical sizing.

    So if you test in Preview for iPhone Legacy, 5, 6, 6+, you should be covered. On Android, as I understand it, it can be a bit more tricky, as Android often plops some kind of control bar on your screen, apparently. The best is obviously to try a get it tested on a device.

    That will give you the most accurate data.

  • airone747airone747 Posts: 13Member, PRO

    thanks ... I see my app in preview and it seems correct (preview 50% and 100%).
    If the device is bigger (Ipad,Iphone6) I don't see all my app (in my working area) if I select preview 100% ... how can I do?
    I can test my app on my cellularphone android, but it's one...
    I searched on internet the different sizes for android and I put new voices in preview with the new dimension and my app appears correct... I hope that it is right

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