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Fixed my bug...thought I'd share...

stragstrag Posts: 542Member, PRO

I posted recently regarding my app randomly crashing on startup. I've managed to fix it so thought I'd share in case anyone else is having similar issues.

It seems I may have been changing too many attributes on the home screen all at once and I think it was kind of tripping over itself. I have added a blank black screen before the home screen which displays for one second before changing to the original home screen. I'm not sure exactly why but this has stopped it crashing. I think it just gives it a little breathing time before the change attribute behaviors kick in.

The only problem I have now is a 'Loading..' message which appears when my app starts and is directly over the top of my own one and looks a bit rubbish. Can anyone clarify if and when GameSalad have added this as a feature?



  • Bowhill GamesBowhill Games Posts: 191Member

    I have published my app yesterday and see no loading message, I think you get a GS loading message if your using a non pro version (powered by GameSalad) I think it says.

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  • stragstrag Posts: 542Member, PRO

    @Bowhill Games It's funny because I did also see the 'Powered by Gamesalad' message for a split second which I thought should not display as I am a Pro user.

    Or is it the case that it will display if you do not have a custom loading image set within the Gamesalad publisher settings?

    But just to clarify, the actual message which I am most concerned about is one which just displays the text 'Loading...' before the game kicks in. I did actually have a custom image which displayed this many versions ago and removed it ages ago. I have also since created a completely new app on the Gamesalad server but still this pesky message persists!!! It's driving me mad... :s

  • Bowhill GamesBowhill Games Posts: 191Member

    @strag ow I think you are right the 'Powered by Gamesalad' comes up if you don't have a custom loading image I always set mine to a black image and do my own as a scene in app so I can control the time, sorry I have never seen the second image.

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  • stragstrag Posts: 542Member, PRO

    @Bowhill Games Yes I also usually put a black image but I've just removed everything in a desperate attempt to get rid of the annoying 'Loading...' message. I'll post again if I manage to figure it out.


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