falling object bug

in my game there's a special item "clock" that if you get it reduces the production time of the bad falling objects. the problem I have is that hey don't revert to the appropriate speed until another clock appears on screen. anybody think hey could help?


  • tatiangtatiang Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 11,945

    You'll need to explain how you're reducing the production time and how you're determining the appropriate speed (for example, are you using an integer/constant for the speed or an attribute and if it's an attribute is it a self/actor attribute or a game attribute?).

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  • ajableu5ajableu5 Member, PRO Posts: 6

    I have a generator sprite producing the object from above the screen. the production speed is based on game duration unless you collect he "special item" that lowers production speed not falling speed with a custom attribute. the script reads if attribute game slowdown is true produce every second, else normal production. the attribute slowdown I made is boolean and is scripted on the special item to change attribute to true for 5 seconds and for the specialty item to appear every 35 seconds and for some reason game attribute slowdown stays true the
    entire 35 seconds

  • tintrantintran Member Posts: 453

    Could this be related to famous "every" timer problem?
    How are you making the timer slow down? with a variable the represents the interval?
    If so that is why, once an "every" timer is created it stays at the initial set interval even if you change the interval, the "every" timer itself won't change on the fly.
    You'll have to either destroy your spawner actor and respawn it or use a custom timer by looking at game.time or self.time.

  • ajableu5ajableu5 Member, PRO Posts: 6

    i solved my problem i appreciate your help

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