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Anyone else just update GS to find it running extremely choppy?

FlyboyTrevy_FlyboyTrevy_ Posts: 148Member, PRO
edited July 2015 in Working with GS (Mac)

I just updated GS to the free trial version they just switched it over to (the 15 days thing). When I went into the testing for my game ive been working on, it looks as if its running at like 15 frames a second! Plus there appears to not be any scene selection thing down below anymore. There is however, an option to change the screen size to say Iphone 6 landscape, etc.

I have objects on Sin waves moving choppily, interpolations of alpha (transparency or fade in/out) that go really choppy. Everything is choppy.

What can I do.


  • jigglybeanjigglybean Posts: 1,584Member

    Uninstall the old version then do a fresh install. thats what i always do without issue.

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  • FlyboyTrevy_FlyboyTrevy_ Posts: 148Member, PRO

    Did this to no avail. Still runs like garbage now. :neutral:

  • GeorgeGSGeorgeGS Posts: 478Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    Do you have an NVidia video card? There's a known issue with the native preview for those. You might try the web preview instead.

  • FlyboyTrevy_FlyboyTrevy_ Posts: 148Member, PRO

    Yes, I have a 780ti

    Any idea when this will get worked out?

  • GeorgeGSGeorgeGS Posts: 478Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    I can't give you a firm eta. It's on our list but it seems related to a larger issue we need to work out first.

  • Tiny_IdeasTiny_Ideas Posts: 326Member

    Can also confirm. Moving an actor becomes choppy. Makes creator impossible to see if things are working or not.

    Works fine in viewer though.

  • FlyboyTrevy_FlyboyTrevy_ Posts: 148Member, PRO

    Well it isn't a huge problem as native testing doesn't really matter as long as you can still test in the web viewer and it doesn't affect actual performance of the finished product on phone or tablet. So it's not a big deal.

  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,747Member, PRO

    @GeorgeGS said:
    You might try the web preview instead.

    Unfortunately there's a huge range of circumstance where things work fine in preview, viewer and device, but not in web preview or arcade. :(

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