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How do I choose a random number without choosing the same one again?

AleksandrGamesAleksandrGames Posts: 54Member
edited July 2015 in Working with GS (Mac)

So what I want is to be able to spawn 1 out of 26 different actors ever 20 seconds, but I don't want it to choose to spawn the same actor again as long as you are in that scene. How can I do this? I tried putting a timer for every 20 seconds and put Change Attribute "spawn actor" to random(1,26). and a rule with If "spawn actor" = 1, spawn actor 1. So if it picks 1 then it should spawn it, but how do I prevent it from picking 1 again after it's been picked for that scene? Or maybe i'm completely off and there is a different and better way to go about this, in which case how should I do this?


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