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Flop Drop - A unique twist to a ball game

http_gamesaladhttp_gamesalad Posts: 1,340Member
edited July 2015 in Announce Your Game!

Free - Flop Drop is an extremely addictive, unique and fast

Paid (99 cents) - This comes with no ads & a smaller app file for faster loading & restart time!

Flop Drop is an extremely addictive, unique and fast pace game! Put your focus & hand I coordination to the test and see how many points you can score!

Pop the balls as fast as possible! BUT you can only pop the balls according to the color shown (top left of the screen) if you pop the wrong color ball or the balls fill to the top you lose the game!

You are given three different types of power up balls (grey balls) to help you!

Tilt Ball: Which allows you to tilt your device left and right to fill the gaps to create more space!

Slow Motion Ball: Control gravity and time for 15 seconds!

Explosive Ball: An explosive ball which creates space for you! (You will not receive any points for any balls that you exploded!)


  • gamestudentgamestudent Posts: 504Member, PRO

    Cool Idea, I like it. However, I think the design could use a little more work. I just don't think that the minamalist design fits with the game. Also I would add custom fonts. Keep it up!

  • http_gamesaladhttp_gamesalad Posts: 1,340Member

    @gamestudent that's where my problem comes. I'm very bad at designing . I can code but coming up with art is very hard for me. I make super simple stuff on inkscape ... I might hire an artiest to do art for me from now on .. I'll need to talk to my dad about this. But thank you for the feed back ! I tried my best on the art hahaha

  • http_gamesaladhttp_gamesalad Posts: 1,340Member

    @gamestudent Do you have an idea of what theme the game should go for? I was trying to go for the super clean iOS theme type games

  • HonestGameSaladHonestGameSalad Posts: 16Member

    Work on graphics, gameplay, and originality. Use overscan so the balls don't turn to ovals. Try to make the game look cleaner. Fun though

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